Family Funeral Plans - Thandizo Policy

Thandizo Policy is a Family Funeral Plan. It is an all-embracing funeral plan for people who are articulate planners in life and those who care for their families.

The product is meant for those that do not want to leave the burden of their family funeral arrangements to relatives, friends or neighbors.

This is a unique product, which has embedded benefits such as Survival (Premium Refund), Tombstone and Grocery benefits. The product also has an inflation proofing option.

Our Benefits

Below are the people who are covered in this product In the event of death of the insured life, the sum assured shall be paid to take care of the funeral expenses. In lieu of cash, the policyholder may opt for services of professional funeral parlors where Smile Life’s obligation will be limited to the sum assured of the deceased member.

Survival Benefit

Survival Benefit (Premium Refund) of 20% of total monthly premiums at the end of 5, 10 and 15 years.

Tombstone benefit

Tombstone benefit of 20% of the funeral benefit is paid as a lump sum 12 months after date of death.

Inflation Proofing Option

Inflation proofing option of 10% of the sum assured per-annum to cushion the effects of inflation.

Grocery Benefit

Grocery Benefit of 20% of the funeral benefit which will be paid as a lump sum only in the event of death of the Policyholder.

Paymenent of Benefits

Funeral Benefits are paid within 48 hours upon receipt of all the required claim documentation.