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Group Life Products Policy

Product Profile (Group Mortgage Assurance Scheme)

Group Funeral Insurance Policy

This scheme is for financial institutions that offer loans for purchase, construction or renovation of houses or
employers who have in-house loan schemes for their employees.

How does it work?

The scheme covers the outstanding mortgage or house loans. In the event of death of the mortgager(borrower)
or employee, the outstanding loan balance, at the time of death is payable to the financial institutions (i.e. Bank)
or the employer, thereby leaving the property to the bereaved family.

What are the other risks that may be covered under this scheme?

The scheme may cover the following other risks apart from death risk:
* Total disablement
* Retrenchment in the case of borrowers who are employed, i.e. salaried borrower.

What other additional benefit may be available under this scheme?

The scheme may also pay a funeral expense that shall become payable upon the death of the member.

Requirements for a Quotation

To enable us produce a quote for you at no cost at all, we would require the following information:
* Proposed date of commencement of the scheme
* Name of employee or any Identity Number
* Date of Birth of the employee
* Gender of the employee
* Amount of benefit required