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Group Life Products Policy

Product Profile (Hospital Cash Back Plan)

This policy provides a cash payout for each day of hospitalisation (admission) at an approved hospital in the Republic of Malawi.
The policy is intended to ease the financial burden associated with hospitalisation, such as medical bill shortfalls, transportation, food stuffs
and many more The benefit kicks in after a minimum hospitalisation period of 48 hours. The maximum benefit payable is for a
cumulative hospitalisation period of 15 days per annum.

Who is covered?

The policy provides cover for the policyholder (known as main member).Cover can also be extended to; spouse, biological as well as dependent
children aged above 1 year (age last birthday) but below age 23 (age next birthday). The Benefit in respect of Children younger than 5 years
(Age Last Birthday) will be paid at 50% of the main member’s normal Daily Cash Benefit.

Benefits Payable

There is no minimum benefit payable. The amount of daily benefit payable is decided by the policyholder.

Requirements for a Quotation

To enable us produce a quote for you at no cost at all, we would require the following information:
* Names of people to be covered
* Dates of Birth
* If covering dependants state relationship to policy holders
* Daily benefit (Sum Assured) i.e. maximum MK 15,000.00